Friday, May 30, 2008

Todays progress....

I had a couple of hours in the sewing room this afternoon.. I got all my "wifely" duties done including letting the rock star drive me to the local grocery to get pizza cheese. If you live near St Louis, you have most likely heard of Imo's pizza. It is indescribable. And if you are from St Louis, you don't ever say Pizza behind Imo's. You just say Imo's and everyone knows what you are talking about. Imo's now markets their special cheese and we can only find it at one store around here. My favorite is fresh thin sliced tomatoes and Imo's cheese. That's all. I love it. Of course DH and rock star will add pepperoni and DH will add bacon and anchovies....UGH!!

So back to the sewing room. I have ALL the blocks done for TicTacMo.

24 plaid blocks
16 alternate blocks with 3 light color blocks
15 alternate blocks with 4 light color blocks
4 corner blocks

Hopefully sometime this weekend I will get a chance to sew some blocks into rows and then some sew some rows together.

Anyone in St Louis want to see Sex in the City? My sis wants to go, but can't find anyone to go with her. She says I need to go even if I have never seen the TV show. Uh no....sorry....

Happy Sewing,


purple and paisley said...

wow - i didn't know - we only live a couple of hours from each other...small world, no?

your tic-tac-mo blocks are gorgeous...=)

Cheryl said...

Yum, that pizza sounds so good. Your quilt is going to be great!