Sunday, May 4, 2008

village idiots.....

Ok, my numbers are on the mailbox and they look really cool. It's amazing what an 8 and a 1 will do to elevate the fashion of a I might take photos tomorrow of the mail lady coming up the road....that's how excited I am.

Of course there are always the village idiots..

DH and I put the top down on the beetle this afternoon to drive into town and get those mailbox numbers and the Sunday paper. On the way back we (ok, I) decided that we needed to go down the other subdivision street and see what kind of mailboxes others had decided to put up. There are only two streets here, so it didn't take long to realize that we live in a village of idiots.

A little background here... we live in a rural area. The mail lady sits on the wrong side of car and delivers mail on one side of the street. Yep, you guessed it. The village idiots on the other street all put their mailboxes in front of their houses, instead of putting all the mailboxes on one side of the street. My mailbox is actually across the street from my house. That's not MY UGLY GRASS in that photo. Ha, mine is worse....

Guess half the subdivision will be pulling mailboxes tomorrow night and getting them on the right side. Me? I will be sitting on the patio with another bud lite. There's one left. Can't

Happy Sewing,

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