Tuesday, May 6, 2008

She'll be coming around the mountain.....

ok, actually she came up the hill. I was so excited to look out the front window and see this.....

All I had to do was unlock the front door and walk across the street to get my mail. I LOVE IT!! No more driving up the hill or hoping the rock star will remember to grab it as he gets off the bus.

Speaking of mail, remember when I won all of these from KCQuilter. This morning I had a wee bit of extra time and decided to make the rotary cutter bag.

This will be for my Gracie. Who knows what she will keep in it. She's 6, so it could be anything from Barbies to cookies. I am not sure if I will make another one, that zipper and the set in ends were challenging to say the least. Well, wait a minute, now that I look at it, it is the perfect size for a roll of Girl Scout Thin Mints. Hm....no one would look in the sewing room. Yea, I might be making another one of these..

Yesterday I made this.

One of the ladies that works with my hairdresser was diagnosed with Leukemia. She doesn't have the best insurance coverage being self employed, so they are having a raffle to help with medical expenses. I told them I would make a bag if they wanted. I don't know when the raffle is, but I wanted to get it done and delivered.
It also gave me a chance to write down the pattern steps. This is the bag I am teaching next week and needed some notes. I have made approximately 30-35 bags and this is my own pattern.

Happy Sewing,


Nan said...

LOL, I love the "thin mint" keeper! I think it's beyond my patience to try something like that with the ends, but love it and just wanted to say I think you did a great job!

Linda said...

Love your new header, very nice. It's amazing what excites us, although I do understand about the letter box. We used to live on a farm and my letter box was 1 1/2 miles from the house, at the end of the drive.
Good for you doing the zipper with set in ends, it's a piece of cake once you've done it a few times.
Have you received your lovely fabrics from Valori yet?

Sweet P said...

I've been following your tale of the mailbox. Isn't it amazing how stupid some people can be?

The little bag is adorable. Thin mints would be perfect in it.

upstateLisa said...

Great little bag, Nancy!

Debi said...

I love the bag. I am a toteaholic and always love to see new patterns. I will say a prayer for your hairdresser.