Saturday, May 31, 2008

A little of this, a little of that and a little advice.....

This morning DH and I headed out to go to a couple of Auctions. The first one started at 10am and although they had some good prices going, I really didn't see anything I needed or wanted (except for a box of linens, but it was going to be an hour or more before they got to that table). The second one didn't start til noon, but we dropped down there at about 10:30am and all they had was some red plates and bowls I would have bid on, but we would have had to wait 1 1/2 hours before it even started. So then we hit two Flea Markets on the way home, but they were crap. Junk with a capital "J". Stuff I wouldn't sell at a garage sale.

So a wasted morning.

I found this recipe at Linda's blog. I couldn't find a flank steak in town yesterday so I bought a london broil. Hey Linda, is that the same thing? Or does flank steak go by some other name here in the midwest? Anyway, it is in it's ziplock and marinating away.Will throw that on the grill tonight and add a sliced tomato salad and veggie. We aren't much for potatoes at this house, but boy we can certainly go through the bread, and I found some wheat rolls on half price yesterday. DH is happy with red meat and couldn't care less what I serve with it. He will only eat the meat.

My birthday is in a couple of months and I want a small sewing machine to take to classes, retreats and quilt guild.

So I want one that does a nice blanket stitch, has needle up/down and hands free (knee lift) would be a bonus. I am not looking for any particular brand but do want one that is light weight.

Any ideas????

I have a purse commission to finish today, then hopefully I will get some blocks sewn together. If not, Judy is having a Quiltathon this coming week and since Rock Star starts summer school Wednesday and DH is out of town on Thursday the timing couldn't be better.

Did you go to summer school when you were a kid? If you did, then it's because you failed a class. There was quite the stigma attached to summer school. Now summer school is something the kids sign up for and look forward to going. They can take sewing classes, pottery classes, the bus runs it's regular schedule so working dad's and mom's aren't inconvenienced and if that wasn't enough our school district PAYS you to go to summer school. Rock star will earn $100 for perfect attendance in his American Government class in summer school. This is a required class. If he takes it during the year, he wouldn't get paid. What a deal!! And he can fit in another elective class during the year. WOW!!! I wish I could go to summer school.

Happy Sewing,


Carol said...

Well after reading your blog for sometime and not making any comments, today I am just stopping by to say hello.
I live in New York State and really enjoy reading about all your activities, and seeing your projects.
I am going to work on some purses and tote bags in the next week or so. I am anxious to get back to do some quilts, but haven't got any one specific project in mind.

I do still work 2 or 3 days a week, so I seem to be always out of time.

PS you know me from A True Art Embroidery site.

Amy said...

Gee, what school district are you in? Sounds wonderful. The kids are the focus and they are excited about school! Ahhhhh, if only all our students could enjoy and flourish in such an environment! Love the "Christmas quilts" and the pictures of your beautiful family!

- Amy, a fellow sloanie

Just Call Me Lindabee said...

Nancy, this marinade would work on just about any cut of beef. Flank steaks can be hard to find, I usually either get them at Costco of from my local butcher. Let me know how you liked it. My hubby is also meat, but has to have potatoes. A meatless meal in my house is unheard of - except during lent.