Thursday, April 9, 2009

Have you planned your Easter dinner yet??

Here is my menu for Easter Dinner and I need some help.

Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk (with changes per MotherLoad)

Crash Hot Potatoes

roasted green beans (again ala Mother Load)


Hot rolls

Oldest daughter will bring Apple Cake (sorry no recipe)

Sister will bring cupcakes...

I need a red meat dish. DH isn't a fan of chicken. Any good recipes for a red meat? And I think I need to buy another chicken as I just found out there will be two more for dinner...YEA!!



Mel said...

YUM!! And where are you located?? Can I book a table for three?

Pat said...

Oh....I'll need you to send a "takeout" meal here becasue....we have to do music for 4 services from Saturday night through noon on Sunday at there is no way I'll be cooking when we get back home....and the kids were here last weekend...daughter works this weekend at the hospital. I'm guessing our Easter dinner will be a quick bowl of cereal or a sandwich when we get home...exhausted...and ready for a nap...and not with enough energy even to go to a restaurant!!! (Sorry I don't have any special red-meat recipe other than sticking a good steak on the grill.)

Pat aka Posh said...

LOL fry him a burger... the rest of us will be happy with chicken.

Janet said...

Thank you for the recipe links. We have had our Easter dinner and I made the oven roasted beans and added asparagus with them as well. Great with smoked fish and prawn pie.Delicious and I'll be doing them again.