Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Busy couple of days....

We have had a couple of busy days in this household. Most of it was spent waiting for the phone to ring...

Monday was my usual every two week appointment to clean my Mom and Dad's house. They had been traveling and this was the first time I had been there for about a 6 weeks. BIG MISTAKE!! I need to go while they are gone no matter what my Mom says. I have a system and some of that includes getting her out of the way. If I don't send her on an errand or downstairs for something, she will follow me room to room and attempt to keep up a conversation. I can't talk and clean. Apparently she can talk and watch me clean. I listen. (ok, sometimes I don't listen). I really must start taking my iPod. I went to get my cleaning products out from underneath the sink and Mom finds about a 1/2 inch of water. So..she pulls everything out and puts it all over the kitchen floor. No Windex. She leaves the water and goes to Wal*mart to get Windex. I start cleaning and am doing fairly well except I know I have to go back and do all the Windex stuff. By the time she got back, I only had to vacuum the living room and scrub the kitchen floor (and the Windex part). I started to vacuum the living room and here comes Dad. He decided at that time to hang the pictures that Mom had tried to get me to bring home until I told her they would really nice in her dining room. :-) So I am vacuuming the living room and he is hammering into the dining room wall. whatever
I decided to do the kitchen instead and moved all the underneath sink stuff onto the cabinets so I could do the floor. Did I mention she had breakfast dishes in the sink? And I can't use the water cause she still has water under the sink.

SO....the phone...remember?? That's where I started...
Ok, our oldest daughter is pregnant and due the middle of Feb. She calls me while I am scrubbing the floor and tells me she is on the way to the hospital. She is having contractions. This is her third, she knows they are contractions. I decide that I better hurry up, leave and get home so I can be ready to pack in case there is no one to watch the other two wonderful grandkids. Now remember, I ONLY said she was having contractions and the dr. was going to check her. I get maybe.....3 miles away and get a call from my sister... "Is Karen having the baby?". "No", I said, "she is having contractions and is on her way to the hospital to be checked".
"OH, Mom said she was dilated to 2cm.". WHAT??? The word dilatation never even came up in the conversation. The word was never uttered!! OH well....Dr. sent her home and told her to come back today at 7:30am. He wanted to monitor her again and see what if anything happened overnight.
So....long..long...story short. She is released from the hospital. No restrictions. She can work... WHEW!! I don't think I am ready to go there and watch the other two until after Christmas... I don't have anything bought and the only decorating I have done is hang the wreath on the front door.

On the home front, the Rock Guitarest has been staying after school to practice driving the Drivers Ed. car. He signed up for two nights this week and the teacher says he is doing great. We will start looking for his car after Christmas. We buy the first car and then if they don't like it they can trade it in. Of course, they don't because it would be their money, not ours. We also make them learn to drive a stick shift. You never know!!

I have been working on block 7 (Candy Cane Clothesline) of Winter Wonderland. Tomorrow is the Redwork group at the LQS that I am in charge of. I am excited to see how they have done in the past month. Both members are new to redwork.

Today was Tackle in Tuesday and I didn't tackle anything. I had high hopes of getting my hot pad finished for a quilt guild Christmas exchange. I have picked out the fabric and even have it on the cutting table, but that is as far as it has gone.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Happy Sewing day!


david santos said...

Thanks for posting. Have a good day

Sweet P said...

Wow, what a day to have. Your life sounds very full right now. I hope Santa brings you a day of peace and quiet for Christmas.