Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today is THE day.....

My baby boy has finally asked to take his drivers permit test. They give the test every Wednesday and he happens to be off school today for the Thanksgiving Holiday...

I am not sure how I feel about this....

Some of you may know that the Rock Guitarest is the last baby at home. It was quite the surprise being pregnant at 39. Well, maybe surprise is the wrong word. IT WAS A SHOCK!! My youngest child at that time was 12. My oldest was 17. Just a wee bit of difference in ages....LOL I thoroughly enjoyed having a "late" child and would recommend it to everyone. I was much more relaxed and less fussy about things. He is a laid back kid and always has been. I am sure he has had more advantages than the girls as we had more income when he was little.

So MAYBE after today he will have a learners permit (that's what they called them back in the ol'days) and will start driving. We haven't decided WHAT he will drive. Dad has a 4x4 truck which is huge and I have a VW bug, but it is a stick. I want him to learn to drive a stick, all kids should learn to drive a stick, just NOT MINE!!! LOL I guess if he passes today, we will start looking for a small sturdy car for him. He wants a van...he won't get a van. They are too top heavy for a teenager, too easy to tip over.... I would buy him a tank if I could find one.

Test starts at 10am, so I guess I better get him up and moving. He doesn't know we have to go to Wal*mart afterwards and take back those MP3 players. Then home to start cooking.

Today's chores -

Make sweet potato pie
Make pumpkin pie
Make fried corn
Vacuum and dust
reclean bathrooms
Get out serving dishes
press tablecloths

Happy Sewing Day!!
(wish I could join you)

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