Sunday, November 25, 2007


The first of the two holidays is sadly over.

Wednesday started with me taking our son to get his learners permit and ended with me getting some of the Thanksgiving food cooked and ready to reheat on Thursday.

Thursday we had 15 family members for dinner and I think everyone had a good time. We had lots of food leftover that I attempted to send home with others and did manage to get rid of some of it.

Friday - YEA!! Black Friday....yes I am one of those nut jobs that will get up at
5am and be at Walmart by 5:30am. This year I was only on the look out for two items. I bought one granddaughter the Graco Baby Set for her baby doll. I couldn't find the OU sweatshirt for the son-in-law. So we got some cinnamon rolls and came home.

Saturday, our oldest daughter came to work on the the dollhouse that DH made for our first grandchild. She was in charge of painting the rooms. She painted for about 5 hours and ended up with this.... In this photo, she is rag painting clouds onto the ceiling of the blue childrens room.

We will help Santa by delivering it to their house on Christmas Eve. Wish I could be there to see Grace's face Christmas morning.

So, here it is Sunday....DH and I took off for an auction this morning only to find out that it was rescheduled for Dec 15th because of a little sleet...
Then we came home and DH hung the shelf he made me in my sewing room for my CD player and CD collection. Read the Sunday Paper and made dinner.

Hope you had a great Holiday.... I really need to start Christmas Shopping, I only have a few things bought. I also have a couple of gifts to get ready for my quilt guild and a few friends.

Happy Sewing Day!


Kim said...

Nancy, you are off and running! If I had grandchildren, I might be out there shopping too, but this year there was no Black Friday shopping for this girl!

I'm relaxing here in my comfy chair, catching up on the news. No shopping to do. Yep, no shopping for Christmas. This is new concept for our family, but I think we will be alright. We all have enough stuff, so, no shopping. We have plans to do some traditional cooking with family and friends. That's fun, the getting together part of Christmas. We aren't even going to head to the tree farm this year...can you stand it? :) After reading a post at http://fourfriendsandablog.blogspot. I found myself rethinking our tradition of shopping.

Mary Anne said...

Hi Nancy!

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and your family! ... and WOW! you're brave to shop on Black Friday!! at least you're started on Xmas shopping -- I don't even have any ideas!

Congrats to your kiddo re: the learner's permit! and YIKES for you!! (I just went through that last year with Kid #1 -- now another year and Kid #2 will be old enough for his permit --- YIKES for me!!)

P.S. -- LOVE that doll house!!! Santa sure has some talented helpers!