Monday, November 5, 2007

My shopping finds...and todays project

Good Morning....I think??!! My inner clock is all off. When my kids were little I hated time change weekends. They would get up earlier and be crabby all day as their inner clocks were adjusting to the time change. This past weekend I finally figured out WHY... I was a mess. I got up at 6am on Saturday to help my daughter with her garage sale (she made a whopping $36, grrrr) and froze my tushy off. Got back home around 2pm and just kind of laid around the rest of the day. Couldn't even get dinner going for the family. We each made our own and I had Cheerios..
Yesterday wasn't much better. I woke up way too early, accomplished NOTHING all day and went to bed at 9pm. This morning I am still off. I was up at 5am and showered and dressed by 6am. I have decided to stick to a schedule today. Errands this morning and I get my gray hair colored. Then I will start AND FINISH a diaper bag for my daughters baby shower in two weeks. I have pulled these two fabrics from my stash.

As promised here are photos of my purchases last Friday.

From Homestead Hearth....

Pattern is Atkinson Designs Tic Tac Mo - These are for my two grandsons for NEXT Christmas.....

I can never resist Red and White FQ's -

These came from Stickey Wicket and the Singer Store -

So that's it for today...I hope my inner clock catches up with me today.

Happy Sewing Day!

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