Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tackle it Thanksgiving ......

OK, it is Tuesday, but everything I did today was for Thanksgiving...

Went to the grocery store for the rest of the stuff for dinner, and decided to check out Walmart for the MP3 players I am getting two of the grandkids for Christmas. Walmart has the ILO MP3 players on sale Friday from 5am-11am for $34.87. I wanted to look at them before hand, cause you all know that you can't dilly dally on Black Friday about anything as it will be ripped from your hand before you can say Howdy Do!! Anyway.....they had the MP3 player already on the shelf, but no price listed. I asked the clerk to find the price for me and guess what it was?? yea, $34.87. So I bought them today and now I don't need to be there at 5am..YEA!!
Oh wait.. Oldest daughter just called. Um....seems she has been thinking and she now doesn't think her kids want MP3 players... UH OH!!! She found something else she wants them to have and will bring it Thursday and I will write her a check. In the meantime, I need to go BACK to Wal*mart and take these back. I should have just stayed home....

I did get some good stuff done today...
Windows washed
bathrooms cleaned
floors cleaned
sweet potatoes mashed for pie tomorrow
grocery shopping finished

Happy Sewing Day!!

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