Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Goodies FINISHED.....

Well here they are...I not only did laundry and grocery shopping today, but got all 10 hot pads finished. AND DH came home early because of a Dr's appt. These will be wrapped and handed out at my family Christmas on Dec 22. I won't put names on these, it will be the luck of the draw. I am willing to bet there will be some members of the family that will trade with others....

And right now, my sister (who is the only family member that has this blog address) is looking very closely and picking hers out... RIGHT Carolyn???

We are supposed to get some yukky weather tomorrow and I have told the "guys" that we will decorate the inside of the house. My guess is that they will bring up all the boxes and then quietly disapear.... any bets out there?? LOL

I had a Happy Sewing Day, did you??

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
How pretty.