Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger.....

Everyone in the MidWest be aware....There will be a new "permit driver" on the roads.
It took him two tries, but he did it. Now comes the horrible part where I actually have to take him out and let him drive his Dad's truck....I wll be ageing rapidly in the next 90 days....

Happy Day before Thanksgiving. My Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Pies are cooling and my fried corn is in the refrigerator all ready to reheat tomorrow. The turkey roaster is washed and ready to go. The carrots are washed and ready to steam. The beef roast is thawing. The turkey is sitting in the fridge awaiting his fate.

Here's my hope to you all for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.

Happy Sewing Day!


Sweet P said...

Congrats to the newest driver. I'm sure he'll be careful behind the wheel. The photo of him holding his card is great.

Carolyn said...

Congrats to the Rock guitarist!!

Be afraid - be very afraid!!!

Your sis