Wednesday, November 28, 2007

UH what??

Why does this cute puppy look so sad??

What IS this mess on my bedroom floor?? Oh Oliver you are in big trouble now!! When I left him upstairs he was sleeping quite content in the sun. An hour later i head upstairs to get ready for Redwork Group and what do I find? These are Christmas boxes. Luckily the contents are still intact, but the boxes are shot...

Oh, what was in the boxes you ask?? Not telling.....Christmas secrets and all that...

I did go to Redwork Group today and who should call the store?? Pat Sloan!! The bestest most creative designer in the whole world!! I have Vista and can't figure out how to hyperlink names, so her website is She also has a great yahoo group. She is very active on her yahoo group, so if you are interested in a fun time with great quilters come and join us and become a Sloanie...

The Redwork club is going to make her Needlework bag at our January meeting. I hope to remember my camera (I am really bad at that) and take photos of us.

Got some Insul-brite for some more Christmas presents today, so off to the sewing room I go.

Happy Sewing Day!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Oliver. I get in messes like that and boy does my mommy get upset with me. This week i went out and ran in the med. It was fun till mommy caught me.
Come and visit me sometimes when you need a friend.
Miss Candi