Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cute Containers and a Contest.....

One of the many things I lost was all the feeds with automatic updates to all of my favorite blogs... Yesterday (using DH PC) I got on Sweet P's blog and saw she was having a contest....A CONTEST?? ok, that does it..
To DH's PC
I added feeds for my favorite bloggers
I installed my camera software

Do you think he will notice??

Anyway, back to the contest.. One of the many things we quilters and stitchers have in common is fabric, thread and CUTENESS.... we love cute containers and more so, we love to fill them....

So here Sweet P is my entry for yesterday....(go read her note from today...she is aptly named)...

This container holds my patterns, thread, needle for all the Noah's Ark blocks I am working on from Lynette Anderson.

AND here is my entry for today..

Isn't this a cute gift bag? Love green and pink. And what do I keep in this one?

Selvages, for a future project... Do you keep these. I keep finding bloggers that make things with these. So far I have seen a purse, and a small quilt and key fobs. Sorry, I can't link to them, cause remember I lost all my STUFF..

Well, guess I better go and get something done... I can sew all day and night as DH won't be home. He is on his way to Indianapolis. To visit's his job.

Happy Sewing,


Carolyn said...

Containers....a sickness that I also have.......must be genetic LOL

Your Sis

Becky said...

I'm guessing that your DH is going to notice EVERYTHING you did on his computer!! (good luck getting through that one with grace & style - ha!!) I love the Curious George tin - I too have the container sickness, I have a bunch of tins, baskets, and weird bowls that I put "stuff" in, too. I guess I need to find the strangest one and join the contest, too :)

Lynette Anderson said...

The cusrious George tin is fabulous, I am thrilled that your Ark blocks are living in there...they could get into alot of mischief with curious george!

Libby said...

Well, of course, we need cute containers. Cute containers = perfect seams with pointy points. Something like that anyway *s*