Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekend with the grandkids.....

I have two grandkids this weekend. Mommy is on an all girl float trip and daddy is ?, I don't remember what daddy is doing...probably in a fishing tournament. We have already had two problems and they have been here for 2 hours. First, daddy forgot to leave the car seats and I will NOT be stuck here without them....then grandson opened the door and let the dog out. He (the dog, not the grandkid) trotted off up the street and I had to go running (well, more like a fast walk) up the hill all the while hollering "STAY OLIVER"..... After paging daddy at Bass Pro Shop (no cell phone and at least he told me where he was going first), we finally have the car seats installed and as soon as granddaughter wakes up from her nap, we will head to the LQS to pick up Christmas quilt #3....I will have to lie to the grandkids and tell them it is Pop-Pop's so they don't know it is really the other grandsons.... Gotta keep those Christmas secrets. I hope to get the binding on next week and then will post a photo... Winfiled had another levee breach last night so most of the east side of town will be under water by tonight. They have closed off the highway north of us. We are seeing lots of Red Cross and National Guard units. Helicopters flying over head and media trucks everywhere. We are 7 miles west and not directly affected. Hopefully my video uploads soon so I can do dishes....yea right!!

Well, I sat here for an hour and my video still hasn't uploaded. Not sure if it is too big or I was doing something wrong...oh well, now no one will see how cute granddaughter

Happy Sewing,


Carolyn said...

I KNOW how cute Granddaughter is!!!!!

Have a fun (busy) week-end!!

Your Sis

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Wow...lots of fun lucky you are