Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day Auction goodies.....

Yesterday found DH and I running into town to get his car washed and pick up a few groceries. On the way, we spotted and stopped at an auction. We LOVE auctions and usually are willing to hang around til the very end. Yesterday was too hot to stay, but we didn't leave until I had snagged a couple of boxes of goodies.

First up is the linen box. The box was full and it was a big box. I saw some terry cloth and some printed tea towels, but didn't really have a chance to look into the box. Of course, that won't stop me from bidding and I won it at $7....
I got
11 tea towels some still with tags, but none of them had been used.(you can't see them all here)

5 hand towels that still had tags on them

a Vintage 1950's Christmas tablecloth that will fit my dining room table

a Vintage 1950 tablecloth that will fit my sister's round table

and various other "stuff" that I threw away.
The second box I bid on I won for $8
all kinds of glass. I am not a big fan of glass doodads and such. What I really wanted in this box was the square pyrex refrigerator containers. It's the one in the lower right corner. I have a few of the small glass squares, but had never seen the large square one before. It is about 8 inches square and very unusual. I would love to know what kind of price it would get at a antique store. Oh, btw, the meat is all packaged up and in the freezer now. It only sat there for a few minutes so I could take the photo. So also in the box was a 3 footed glass bowl, a matching sugar/creamer, a candy dish and those two corning ware casserole that have to share one lid. lol

I have decided to use the unusual large square refrigerator dish as a sewing box in the family room. I can keep some redwork in there to work on....and it will look pretty....This is the official Sewing Container for Sweet P's Challenge.

No sewing for me today. I had plans to make a charity quilt for guild, but don't have any suitable fabric, so I will get some tomorrow when I go into town. Scheduled for today was quilt guild, but it had to be cancelled because of flooding. The church were we meet is only 2 blocks from the Mississippi River and Modot (Missouri Dept of Transportation) has been sand bagging with help from local prisoners so we can't get through. So today I decided to clean out all the cabinets in the kitchen to make room for my new treasures. Send me luck!! They are packed full so something will have to go....

Happy Sewing,


Sweet P said...

Wow! What a great collection of goodies! THe towels are adorable! The tablecloths are fantastic! I must start looking for auctions to attend.

Your glass "sewing" dish is adorable. Good choice.

vickie y said...

Oh, Nancy, what treasures you found! Lucky you. I just love vintage linens. The tea towels and the tablecloths are just wonderful! Love all that glassware, too. Are the sugar and creamer set heavy? If so, they're probably leaded glass. I had a set just like that, but one piece got broken. Enjoy your new goodies!
Vickie Y.

Janell said...

Nancy-what a wonderful bunch of treasures you found! You've restored my faith in poking around auctions. I love the tea towels and the vintage 1950's table cloths are worth the price along. And then the square pyrex--you lucky dog. It great to share this with us. I hope the sand-bagging isn't too needed. Luckily, the water in Oshkosh has pretty well receded. Basements are a mess all over town-FEMA was here yesterday and we're waiting to hear if they are going to declare a disaster here so the folks damaged can get some federal aid. It's so sad-

Bren said...

I LOVE those tea towels!! What a deal you got on everything!!!
I have enjoyed seeing all your containers in Sweet P's contest. I am rooting for you to win!!!!