Tuesday, June 10, 2008

dead, dead, dead as fred.....

My pc died last night. I will be off line for 2 weeks, need to wait for new harddrive and then recreate. It wouldn'nt be any fun for you to read about my boring life without any boring photos.....lol


Back up your PC today..
I lost all of my photos, recipes, bookmarks, favorite blog list, email address. EVERYTHING.

See you when I get back..

Happy Sewing,


tina said...

Nothing worse--- sorry to hear it. I will expect you to have all sorts of fo's when you get back from your computer imposed hiatus though!


QUILTEVA said...

i feel with you,i´m so sorry-1
had the same process.
but we learn, save all our important pictures and documents hopefully in the future!
greetings from eva

Millie said...

I use an online backup service. I use Mozy Home from Mozy.com, but Carbonite.com works well too. They are relatively inexpensive, and secure.

Now I don't worry.

Jacquie said...

Such good advice! I learned my lesson the hard way too!